We offer innovative products and methods to reduce the fuel consumption of your car

  • Reduced fuel consumption is 25%. Innovative turbokonvertor - sets it into the exhaust pipe for beats on all soot inside the engine and exhaust tract with stationary wave, increases the power of up to 30%
  • The engine will always be in perfect condition. The lubricant composition based on nanocarbon having the highest purity and chemical activity allows the internal combustion engine is easy to operate at maximum speeds
  • Reduced fuel consumption is 10%. The unique activator fuel - charges the fuel mixture with '-' sign and increases the torque due to the absence of sticking effect of the fuel mixture to the combustion chamber walls

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Our company manufactures a turbo convertor (TC) device, which according to many trials showed a significant reduction in fuel consumption in a very original way - ultrasound, due to efficient pulverization of air mixture at the time of injection. Yes, this is done with the sound, i.e. the acoustic wave in a state of resonance with stable amplitude! Such a wave in physics is called a standing wave, which arises from the superposition of waves with his own reflected from obstacles wave, ie, faced with his own reflection. Meeting at the same place, the wave crests and the amplitude overlap, there is a resonance and a new wave is born, the ridges of which are in the same place, so physicists call this wave standing ... read more

Lifecycle: life, set and forget
Ideal like: UAZ Patriot, Chevrolet Niva
Happy owners of 2014: 132 Car

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New technology makes it possible to break the molecular bonds of the oil and to convert the carbon atoms linked to the solid nano carbon having the highest activity and chemical purity. Nano carbon resides in the oil charge and has never precipitates. Getting in the zone of friction engine nanocarbon, introduced in the atomic lattice of metals in friction pairs, creating between them absolutely perfect surface with the least possible friction. Friction surfaces increases and the friction coefficient decreases, which leads to improved heat dissipation and reduce engine friction heat, and naturally reduce the specific consumption of fuel consumption. Share of losses from friction becomes a useful point of the internal combustion engine! read more

Lifecycle: half year, set and forget
Ideal like: Lada Kalina, Renault DUSTER
Happy owners of 2014: 193 Car

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Our actuator works on the basis of fuel saturation negative charges. Practice has shown that the more negative the ions of fuel, the smaller the adhesion of vaporized fuel mixture to the combustion chamber walls since the grounded chamber body and has a negative charge, and it is known that like charges repel each other. That it gives us, and that we subsequently won. After injection the negatively charged fuel mixture, starting from the chamber walls and pulling to the center of the chamber, going in the midst of a kind of post-air mixture. Thus, it happens that in the midst of the combustion chamber air mixture density higher than at the edges. This contributes to the fact that after a spark ignition time and increases... read more

Lifecycle: life, set and forget
Ideal like: Range Rover, Chevrolet Tahoe
Happy owners of 2014: 242 Car

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Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2008
Fuel economy 10%



Ford Focus III 1,6.
Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2010
Fuel economy 12%



KAMAZ Euro 2.
Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2006
Fuel economy 20%


UAZ Patriot

UAZ Patriot 2,7.
Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2012
Fuel economy 23%



Audi 100 quattro, V6, 2.6.
Installed turbokonvertor
Year 1996
Fuel economy 8%



Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2010
Fuel economy 8%


Gazelle - BUSINESS

Gazelle - BUSINESS.
Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2011
Fuel economy 12,5%



Scania R420.
Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2003
Fuel economy 10%



Installed turbokonvertor
Year 2012
Fuel economy 7%



Installed dual turbokonvertor
Year 2012
Fuel economy 10%



I think the price is too high ?!

«Do you think this is just. Understand, I am not writing from the bay, and knowing what I'm saying; because what we presented on the market, the first we tests in their cars and for good reason come to activation idea. And its price is more than adequate ...»

Say, I'm from the Komi Republic. You can send me the activator by mail?

"Yes, I can!"

Tell me, Victor, please: I have a car Vortex Tingo; it is under warranty. Will not have any problems with the dealer if he will see your device in the fuel hose?

«My last revision was for such machines. Knowing that actually install these devices on cars does not constitute grounds for removal from the machine warranty, nevertheless, need aware of our reality, I designed a device with a thickness of 14 mm, making it the most invisible. The only thing that can give him there - it clamps, but in this case there is a solution: I tell you how to install.»

Listen, Victor! You speak so boldly about saving 12 to 25% ..... Why is this confidence?

«My answer is: practice, practice and more practice. Best results are obtained on the steep VAZ, GAZ, UAZ and "Chinese." There is obtained savings of 20% and above. In November 2012 it found more than 40 activators on different cars, and the statistics say about the economy.»

Tell me, can not understand, because of what the economy turns?

«Fuel is charged with the sign "-" and the engine itself is a mass, ie "-". The fuel is injected into the engine and fuel-air mixture burns inside the combustion chamber, not settling on the bottom of the piston head, the valves and the cylinder mirror, ie reduced abrasive wear, which is caused due to a deposit, and the candles are always clean. And I note that knocking disappears altogether, however paradoxical this may sound. My car has to drive 95 gasoline. I drive a 92, moreover, believe me, if now sold "qualitative 80th" I would ride it.»

Do you offer warranty service?

«Yes of course!»

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How it all began?

Long-term study of subjects reducing vehicle fuel consumption has prompted me to identify new approaches to solving this problem. The first topic was the preparation of fuel. Many opted for ionization breakdown of relations of van der Waals forces, or even suppressing electrical "noise" cigarette lighter. They may work, but I settled on the decision saturation fuel negative ions, so had our activator that unlike other fuel charges a variable magnetic field. We also offer use nanocarbon 2M, but the most popular in St. Petersburg was our turbokonvertor, which is installed on the muffler and dramatically helps fuel has burnt out. For all products, we have all the certificates, patents and test reports, including from Volvo Penta.
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What do people think about us?

Installed in the car fuel activator. Almost immediately I felt an improvement in engine work, he began to run much quieter than ranshe. The engine started to pull much faster - in fact, felt that there is no loss during acceleration. This can be compared, perhaps, only with electric drive - hit and went. About the cost I am not thought just wanted to feel the engine thrust at low revs, but I saw on the computer that has the economy - instant consumption of 100 miles per hour down to 4 liters. Doubts were, but now they are not.

Andrew, 8 (906) 229-78-78 Ford Mondeo IV седан 2.0d АT

Vehicle mileage at the time of processing engine with nanocarbon was 160 thousand kilometers. Added to the engine one vial nanocarbon 2m and poured into the gas tank of one vial of 50 liters of gasoline. Not having driven 100 km and felt an improvement in the dynamics of the engine and chassis. There was a reel, it was unusual at first, to throttle, and the car rides as if neutral. The engine began to work much quieter and more stable. The result satisfied. Good solutions are always useful for the family.

Vladimir, 8 (901)303-10-12 Toyota RAV4 2.0, 2007 г.

My car 4 liter. ICE 4x4 manual transmission had a fuel consumption on the road in the winter of 14-15 liters and 18 liters in the city. Before you install the converter the summer consumption was 12 liters. Recent installation of turbokonvertor TC 9 summer consumption became 12.9 liters. Then I added the additive nanocarbon in ICE, CAT. Immediately there was a speaker ICE became better reel at the car, the engine is stopped to smoke. The combination of TC and additives significantly affect of all units.

Sergei, 8(913) 485-12-72 Ford Explorer, 1994 г.

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